Friday, October 12, 2007

thrift store score

i hit up a few more thrift stores and consignment shops yesterday and spent a grand total of $5.81. $4 of that going towards a matching pair of elephant vases. it's funny cause i felt like i was spending entirely too much on them. are prices at thrift stores a little outrageous? or is it just me? i am buying used, very well worn objects so i feel i shouldn't have to pay $3.50 for a blouse or $5 for a pair of pants. i guess i'm grumbling over the trivial. maybe i'm spoiled by garage sales. paying a dime or quarter sounds more reasonable in my mind.

what did i spend the other $1.81 on? i went back to the salvation army and there's a rubbermaid tub full of upholstery samples. it was restocked recently and i found 5 different patterns for a quarter a piece. they're fairly small but i'm sure i can find something to make with them. 2 unused zippers and a terra cotta pot later, i was done. pretty satisfied with my finds. i may have to hit up garage sales next spring. i was going to say this weekend, but the temps have dropped and we're leaving early tomorrow to head down to asheville. so it'll have to wait til next year.

i did get my hair did today. i'm quite happy with the results. i'm glad i found someone here who can style my hair. i was a bit worried i'd have to travel far and wide to get a decent cut. he's literally just 2 minutes away. he even gave me a hug when i left, which caught me off guard. after three's become that kind of relationship. ;)

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