Monday, September 01, 2008

riding out the storm

after watching asu get spanked, 16 hours of driving, and sleeping in his rental car, aaron finally made it home. he was supposed to fly out of new orleans today, but of course that wasn't going to happen. he scrambled to find a mode of transportation to get out of louisiana. train, bus, car-his attempts were almost futile. he finally found a rental agency open on the holiday weekend that wasn't charging an arm and a leg for a car. ($1 a mile=outrageous!) he took off as soon as he could, and braced for evacuation traffic. he called while on the road and told me he planned on stopping in birmingham, alabama. i offered to book him a hotel online so it would be waiting for him when he arrived. imagine my surprise when every hotel along the route was booked. i told him he might have to actually pull off and check for himself. he said cars were pulled off along the road and he was sure people had decided to sleep in their cars and not hassle with looking for lodging. so he ended up in a hotel parking lot for the night. poor aaron. after atlanta, most of the traffic had thinned out and he made it home tired and ready for a shower. what was supposed to be a four day weekend ended up being one. again, poor aaron!

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

Wow that is stinky! Hope your taking care of him this week!