Monday, September 08, 2008

halloween shebang

unfortunately, i don't remember what year this was. we had a little lag time where we didn't dress up and this falls within that 2002-2004 block. yes, that's "miss aaron" striking her best pose. although i think she went by another name that evening. roxie seems to come to mind.

we didn't get a photo together this year. my costumes always seem to pale in comparison to aaron's. he definitely goes above and beyond with a little help from me. i always have more fun dressing him then myself (see richard simmons in previous post). this particular year i was a "roller girl" scooting around on skates all evening. i do remember giving the shorts away to a co-worker for her 12 year-old daughter. she came back the next day and told me they fit her 6 year-old. yes, they were that tight!

i'm going to go ahead and post the rest of our halloween photos. can you tell i'm in dress-up sorta mood and contemplating whether or not to host a party this year because of it?

halloween 2005, spastic child in footed pjs and the asian boy george.

halloween 2006, devil woman and bat girl. this year my bachlorette party took place the weekend of halloween. everyone dressed up and we hit up the landing in st. louis. this is one of my favorite photos from the evening.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

Boy George is by far my Favorite!

acaraway said...

Oh, yes, I remember "roxie" or whatever her name was. Didn't he have a tooth blacked out in the front? Maybe I'm thinking of another outfit. Jason and I always look forward to seeing your costumes!