Friday, March 20, 2009

it's bottomless

my stomach has become a bottomless pit. ugh. i think the meds are messing with my system this time around. this phrase actually left my mouth the other day: "i should have ordered a 12" sub." me, the person who's always satisfied with a kids meal, ate a whole 10 nugget meal on our way back from san francisco. me, who's not a big fan of sweets, has eaten two boxes of oreo cakesters in the last week. omg! you'd think with all this eating i'd be pregnant already. tomorrow i start my stimulating meds. i'm guessing my ER to be next weekend or early the following week. i can't believe it's approaching so fast.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

it only gets worse, my biggest preggo meal:

Panera bread:
whole veggie sandwitch
bowl of brocolli cheddar
bagget with soup
bag of chips
sugar cookie
iced green tea.

I got up and ordered three times...

it only gets worse

Inspiration said...

Hey twin! The same thing happened to me on my 2nd cycle. I gained 14 lbs during my stims phase...
I can't wait to hear about you ER. I have a good feeling about your cycle :)