Wednesday, March 25, 2009


found a really fun website that converts your jpg photos and turns them into old-school polaroid-like photos. it's called poladroid and it's super fun. the software is free, but they do ask for a small donation, which i was happy to oblige. basically you drag and drop your photo onto the camera and it spits out, what at first looks like a black photo, but then the image slowly starts to appear. just like the real thing. even has the sound effects. you can also play around with the preferences and add dust and finger smudges.

i just messed with a few photos from my desktop. but i can see myself definitely spending a lot of time messing with this program. you can even take the photo into an editing program and add text, which i've done. what fun! i told myself that i'd be working with my sewing machine today. how quickly i got sidetracked when i found this site. a shop update is long overdue. hopefully in the upcoming weeks, between medical stuff, i can get a few new items added. i do have a small stack of new pouches and clay items that just need photos taken. that'll be my first goal. add what i have done.

birthday is right around the corner too. what's on the list? a new lens for the camera. pretty soon i'll be able to see the pores on your face from 10ft away!! lucky you!


acaraway said...

Okay, I downloaded the Poladroid software, donated, but how do you mess with the preferences?

janett said...

You have photoshop, right? I've got a polaroid and a holgaroid action if you want them! And what lens are you getting? Do tell! I'm a glass fiend, you can never have enough.