Thursday, April 02, 2009

baby mama drama

without the baby, mama but plenty of the drama. i triggered last night for an 8:30a ER on friday.

i went in for a scheduled u/s and b/w yesterday morning. i go to a satellite clinic in hickory, about an hour away. on my way back home, awes calls me and tells me my charlotte clinic called his office looking for me. weird, they have my cell phone so i have no clue why they would call his office. anyways, i call and leave a voicemail with my nurse asking if they meant to call me at his office and that they can reach on my cell or home number. meanwhile, i had planned to accompany greyson and her in-laws at looking at a couple of houses she and brett are interested in purchasing. we were doing a quick tour of our house when i heard my cell phone ringing upstairs. i missed the call but didn't think it was that big a deal. just them telling me my blood values and how much medicine i'd be taking that evening.

the nurse leaves a message telling me i need to call the office and tell the receptionist it's urgent that i speak to my nurse. she also tells me that i need to come into their office in charlotte that same day. huh? it's already 3pm and by the time i get there it's gonna be around 5:30p, at the earliest so i start to get a little concerned.

i call back immediately and my nurse puts my RE on and he explains my e2 levels and follicle count/sizes aren't corresponding and he needs to see me in person to do another u/s. with the numbers he's seeing we might have to convert to an IUI and there's a possibility we might be bumped from the shared risk program if we do convert. so i started to really FREAK OUT.

luckily awes was able to leave work early and we headed down to charlotte by 3:30. we got there about 5:30p, did an U/S and luckily my follicles were bigger than the satellite clinic reported. still a smaller number then he'd like to see but at least we get to do the ER. phew! they wanted me to trigger at 8:30p and where's my trigger shot? at home in my fridge, 2 hours away. so we had to scramble to get another shot before we left town and at 8:30, i gave myself the trigger in the car. yeah, and both dogs were also with us.

awes: "should i pull over for you to do that?"
me: "nah, the dogs are pretty comfortable and if we pull over they'll be crawling all over me. just keep driving."

i went back to hickory this morning for more b/w and tomorrow we head to charlotte again for the ER at 8:30 a.m. this time we're doing a 3 day transfer so ET is on monday. man, when things start to roll, they really start to roll! crazy!!


janett said...

Geez, what a rollercoaster! But think of the guilt trip you'll be able to lay on your kid one day, "do you know what I went through to have you!?! Go clean your room! Now!".

Fingers and toes crossed for you!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

and I thought making a baby the old fashioned way was complicated! holy moly! me and Diego have our fingers crossed, he wore the shirt you made him today, pictures to follow!