Wednesday, April 29, 2009

welcome to birdland

this past weekend we headed to maryland for a quick visit with the fam. one of the weekend's highlights was our first mlb game of the season. orioles vs. rangers. luckily our seats were in the shade. well, i should say mom and dad's season tickets were in the scorching sun. fortunately after the 5th inning we were all able to sit together in the shade. here's more pics from the game as well as pics from the weekend before when aaron was able to use his new fly-fishing pole for the first time. didn't catch anything but had a fun time trying.


Pam said...

Gee . . . let me see . . . Oh, I get it . . . everyone is for the Orioles! Luckily everyone looks good in orange . . . however, orange is definitely NOT a slimming color on your dad!

Super Blogger Girl! said...