Sunday, May 03, 2009

slightly addicted

well i did great and didn't do a HPT (home pregnancy test) before my blood test. a big part of that was the fear of it being negative. but once i knew it would be positive i've pretty much gone to town. here are 3 of 5 tests i've taken the last few weeks. i think the main reason i continue to do them is to reassure myself that things are still going good. i don't think the paranoia will go away til after the ultrasound. what am i saying, it'll probably not go away til i'm holding a healthy baby or two in my arms. 1 week and 1 day to go.

i've done 7 weeks of injections, 4 of those weeks doing intramuscular injections. it's getting harder and harder to tolerate them. or i should say my tush is tired of them. hopefully, after the ultrasound i'll only have 2 more weeks. i am so looking forward to that day.


Super Blogger Girl! said...


take as many as you want, it looks like your having fun!

ummm... a lot more than just your tush is going to hurt after you have a baby.

Pookie-san` and ME said...

That is a great addiction! LOL! you really can never get enough.