Friday, November 06, 2009

misfit mama

been hiding under a rock the last few weeks. i need to update about our trip back to illinois and the other going-ons at the westphal house. my schedule is actually full with birthing classes, volunteer work and dr. appointments. i am also trying to clean house before baby arrives but i may have waited a bit too long to do so. the baby gut is definitely getting in the way and having three stories to climb in our house is not an easy feat with minimal lung capacity. we measured and i now have a 40 inch waist/gut. whoa baby!

other baby news to report: hiccups, he pretty much gets them on a daily basis. movement, i honestly feel like he's making more room for himself with the amount of kicking and pushing he's doing. heart rate, 141 bpm at today's appointment. head still down and all else is looking good.

next appointment in two weeks then weekly after that. it's slowly starting to creep up on us and baby westphal will be here before we know it! thought i'd share my 32/33 week pic. since it was on halloween, mama had to dress up. funny thing about the shirt, i bought a huge stash of band tees to eventually cut up and rework at a later date. they fit me perfectly now, go figure! ;)


Super Blogger Girl! said...

lol that your shirts fit now!

Diego got the hiccups everyday too! Isn't that just a funny feeling?!?!

let me know when you see an actual hand under your skin go across your belly, that is when things get freaky.

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I'm pretty sure I wore that same exact outfit in 8th grade! Ahhh the days!

Pam said...

It always shows your progress when your belly sticks out farther than your boobs!

The Baimas said...

olivia had hiccups everyday as well. Sometimes it was the only time she would move all day (she was definitely not an active baby in utero!). You look great!

Jet said...
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Anonymous said...
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