Wednesday, November 25, 2009

serious slacker

here's my 34/35 week progression shot. as you can see, my face is starting to fill out. almost as round as it was in high school. not too much to report on the pregnancy front. next week i'll start my weekly visits to the ob/gyn and before you know it baby westphal will be here. i can't believe i only have 30 days left!!

i do have one complaint...swelling. unfortunately, the swelling is getting worse the bigger i get and thus cutting my time on the computer to a minimum. if i sit/stand too long, my ankles become unrecognizable and my legs are a complete mess. thank goodness it's winter and i can cover up the veiny/bruised goodness. as far as self image goes, it's crazy but my legs bother me more than the baby gut does. hopefully once i'm no longer carrying 45 pounds of extra weight, they'll go back to normal. fingers crossed.

next week i'll post pics of the nursery. it's pretty much complete. all i have left to do is make a robot print to place between the windows and i also have to finish painting a cabinet i decided had to go from brown to white. it wouldn't be such an issue if the primer i bought, that specifically says 'no sanding needed,' actually worked. i gave the whole cabinet a once over with the paint and it pretty much peeled right off. i just finished putting on the second coat and next week i'll hopefully finish the paint job.

right now we're waiting for the arrival of nate, katie and their pooch jet. they'll be spending the thanksgiving holiday with us and it'll probably be the last time i see them before the baby comes and their wedding. aaron's dad, mark, and youngest brother, danny, came down saturday with mark's girlfriend linda. we went down and met them in asheville and no sooner had we walked into aaron's grandma's house, mark made the announcement that he and linda were engaged. it caught us both off guard. actually i think everyone he told was a little surprised. so it made for an interesting visit. i don't think it's quite sunk in. (there's a long history here and i think it's really hard for anyone to be truly happy about this, especially the boys.) hopefully with time the shock will wear off and we'll all come to accept it. we'll just have to wait and see.

i better get back to cleaning, according to their gps, nate and katie should be arriving at 3:47 pm. LOL!


Super Blogger Girl! said...

you look amazing, i can't wait for baby to get here!!!

use epsom salts, i did and it helped a lot.

mepookiesan said...

Awww how cute are you!!!!

acaraway said...

So excited to meet Baby Westphal!!! I think you look great! Hugs and kisses from the Caraways.

raynadenee said...

I want to see a new pic of the Tat!!!

Inspiration said...

thinking of you during your last few days.... can't wait to see pics of baby rudeboy! ;)