Thursday, January 14, 2010

welcome to my roboto crib

here are some long overdue pics of avery's nursery. i ended up going with different bedding i found on ebay. i loved the original one i picked out but this one seemed more appropriate and matched a little better with the prints.

of course, he has yet to sleep in here. spending a majority of his time either in our room or the living room. as you can see, i tried to make it not so babyish. i think i somewhat accomplished that.

below is the robot painting my sister-in-law and i worked on while she was here for my baby shower last month. it turned out great. you can also see the name plaque i was finally able to hang after his birth.

right now i'm uploading more photos and trying to figure out how i can share them via snapfish. apparently it says i can load them to blogger, so we'll just see about that.

1 comment:

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I love it! expect some personalized and cool in the near future!

love and miss you guys!