Tuesday, May 11, 2010

boy, you got a purrrty mouth

sometimes when mama has too much time on her hands, little man get's a make over. lol!

jerome came over a few weeks ago to borrow our mullet wig for an 80s party (yes, we own a kentucky waterfall wig) and since i had the box out anyways... avery and i played a little dress-up. more him than me. i'm tempted to put him in a dress just to see how purrrty he'd be. i've had three people ask me if he's a boy or girl. apparently his long lashes make people second guess his gender.

i am beginning to think avery's looking more like aaron than me. at least that's the comment i'm hearing these days. his hair is starting to lighten up and i'm pretty sure he's gonna keep his eye color...blue! who knew my asian traits would be dominated by daddy's blonde hair, blue eyes. my dad told me that my grandfather had blue eyes, so i may be carrying that gene. we'll see if they stay blue in the upcoming months. so far, it looks like it could be a possibility.

tomorrow i'll post his four month photo.


Angela V. said...

it doesn't look like that wig bothers him one bit! maybe he's destined for big hair? his cheeks are just so darn kissable though!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I have never seen a mixed asain baby coming out looking anything short of bruce lee. Guess you picked some high quality daddy DNA!

im glad you updated, I have been missing you!