Tuesday, May 11, 2010

vier monate

he's 14 lbs. 14.5 oz. and still growing.

today we're leaving on his first plane ride. of course, i have a million things to do before we leave and he's not able to entertain himself for one second. so far i've done his laundry, packed his suitcase, fed him, burped him, played with him, rocked him to sleep (slept for half an hour) and now he's mad at me for leaving him on his playmat. how come on the the day i have things to get done he becomes so high maintenance?! ;)


Super Blogger Girl! said...

it doesn't get any better either, at least not at 16 months, i will let you know as soon as Diego becomes self service so you can set up some expectations. Where you flyin?

susan and sometimes aaron said...

we went back to illinois for aaron's residency reunion. i'll be in your neck of the woods late june. we should schedule a playdate!!