Sunday, November 09, 2003

as seen on tv

last night we went and saw elf with will farell. it was an okay movie. not really as funny as we were expecting it to be. a little disappointing in fact. i don't know what we were thinking. we wanted to see kill bill, but it's already left the theaters here, which we both found semi wierd. elf is a movie you'd take the kids to or wait for the video. definetly not worth the $7.50 to see in theaters.

i'm gonna try and go the whole day without turning on the tv. i know it sounds like an impossible feat. but it can be done. notice how i didn't say 24 hours. simpsons finally premiers tonight and you gotta see the simpsons. it's a staple to every young blooded americans diet of pop culture.

nick had his date last night. i should probably call to see how it went. i'll just wait til tomorrow. i'm sure nothing crazy happened, if it did i'd probably have a voice message waiting for me this morning.

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