Saturday, November 08, 2003

sealed for your protection

it's so weird when you haven't seen somebody in over 10 years and you talk to them as if it were just yesterday. i'm not sure if it's better this way or not. i know i would have a difficult time being their friend now because we are so different. you go you're separate ways, but the anonymity of email makes you the same.

lawrence wrote me and told me he's starting up a little side project as a wedding photographer. "a dolphin's dream" is the name he chose and wants me to help design flyers. . . etc for him. i guess i'll do it. i'm not too excited about it. why did he have to go and choose a dorky name?

my dad just sent me an email from iraq. he's coming back later this week. i'll be so glad when he's back in the states. i'll have to shoot him a hello in a sec.

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