Thursday, November 13, 2003

the clothes they make the man

ok, so i'm retarded sometimes when it comes to my pooch. i was actually considering buying him a set of "dog shoes" to wear around matt & kristin's. they layed new floor and don't want his claws to scratch up the floor. and my reasoning. . . what better way to prevent that then to buy little dog booties! we went up to the pet store and put a pair on him, poor bosco. he acted like he had a broken leg and refused to put it down on the ground. it was the funniest sight i'd seen in a long time. he always seems to make me laugh. nonetheless, aaron wasn't gonna have his dog prancing around in some gay puppy shoes. i can't even believe he even consider it to begin with. but the sight quickly reminded him why it was a dumb idea! i'm silly!

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