Thursday, March 27, 2008


i added feedburner to my site a few days ago, mainly to give people the option of subscribing to my blog. i like having all the blogs i read on my front page, that way i don't have to click through to know if they've been updated. luckily, gmail lets me grab feeds without subscribing, but i wanted to have another option for those who don't use the program.

as an added bonus, feedburner also keeps track of the traffic that comes to your site. where visitors are from, how they got there, what they looked at and what they clicked on. i even know the operating system they used and the screen resolution of their computer. it's my mini form of "big brother." i'll share a few of my stats.

stats for yesterday:
wednesday, march 26: 15 visitors (73.3% new), 26.7% direct, 33.3% searches, 40.0% other sites, average time spent 2:15 on site
visits from: severn, mountain view, pleasant grove, ferndale, london, san francisco, jakarta, auckland, saint louis
what they searched for to reach my site: "," "westphal family blog," "nautical star tattoos," "sweet wiis"

it's always interesting to see how someone reaches your site.

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