Wednesday, March 19, 2008

long week short post

i've been meaning to post about the rest of our disney weekend but with company in town i just haven't had the time. now i'm playing catch-up. i think i'll just summarize the rest of the trip with photos. disney photos.

we both had a lot of fun. it was a bit chilly the first few days we were there. i wore my app. state sweatshirt pretty much the whole time. we found that hitting the parks early and using the fast pass system we didn't have too long a wait for most rides. i think the longest we waited was for splash mountain only because we had a fast pass for space mountain and we really wanted to get in as many rides as possible so we stood 45 minutes in line. it's funny cause i thought disney had more rides than they actually did, at least adult rides. maybe cause everything is spread out over four parks with three or four major rides at each park it seemed sparse. my favorite was the new aerosmith rocknroller coaster and aaron's was the tower of terror both at disney's hollywood studios. we'll have to go back again, we weren't able to spend much time at animal kingdom. with spring training games in the middle of each day we had to plan accordingly and we only had a morning to spend there. our main objective was to ride the new everest coaster, but when we got there it seemed like it was everyone elses plan too.

spring training was a great experience. cardinals weren't looking too hot though. they played the atlanta braves and lost both games. they've practically got a whole new team. i found myself asking, "who's that and where's he from?" a lot during both games. unfortunately with our new location the only time we can see the redbirds play is if it's against cincinnati. aaron was contemplating getting a satellite dish just to watch games this season. i think he might just wait til the team is in better shape all-around.

the day after we got back from disney, nate and katie arrived from illinois. it was their first trip to the high country and i have a feeling it won't be their last! we got some fly-fishing in. katie actually caught a rainbow trout in the first 20 minutes we were out there. aaron, danny and i have been fishing a countless number of times and none of us has ever reeled in a thing. so kudos to katie for her catch. to sum up the rest of the weekend...wii, shopping, hiking, drinking and tapas! we all had a blast. matt, kristin, max and grandma westphal are heading up here saturday. we've got a little bed and breakfast going on here now!

yesterday we took bosco in to get a little snip-snip. yes, i decided in order to curb his pee problem we had to be a little aggressive. i quickly regretted the decision when we had to drop him off, but he's home now and doing great. i decided to post a pic of the two of us from a few months ago. hopefully our problem is solved.

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