Friday, March 28, 2008

you say it's your birthday

i admit, i have somewhat of a handbag fetish. luckily i've kept it in check. keeping the bags and the pricetags to a minimum. i was searching ebay for some craft supplies. looking mainly for paddle punches, to be used for my felt creations. after finding a few, i went off on a tanget and typed "tattoo" in the search engine. (i occasionally look up tattoo-inspired artwork, another fetish.) and i came across this handbag. *insert me drooling here!

i can't remember what the bidding was up to when i first came across it, but i do know that it sold for $400. definitely too rich for my blood. i had never heard of the designer, isabella fiore, so i started doing a little research. i thought it might be selling so high on ebay cause it was hard-to-find. that was the case, that and the fact that most of the bags retail between $600-$800. i actually like most of the bags i've seen in her collections, so i'll be on the lookout for a reasonably priced bag. i think i'll be looking for a long time. my birthday's tomorrow, if anyone's still looking for that perfect gift! ;)

in my research, i came across this site: bagborroworsteal. where you can rent a designer handbag for a week/month at a time. i remember seeing this on the big idea and thinking how ridiculous a concept it was. i guess if you're really trendy and have to be seen with all the latest, it's perfect for you. paying $100 to borrow a bag for a month, not gonna happen here.

yes, tomorrow is my birthday. yesterday aaron told me he actually has something planned. drum roll....and this is what it is! all i can say...i have an awesome husband!

feedburned search of the day: "how do you like my balls in your face?"
and this is what they found. i should probably be a little more careful with the titles of my blogs. ha, ha.


PutzFrau said...

I want the floral bag! I have a bit of a bag fetish. I see a great bag and I just want to give it a good home. Kinda like animals. Or chairs. Or fabric.

susan and sometimes aaron said...

oh no, hopefully we won't be in a bidding war for it! it's embroidered leather. it's awesome! i have to have it!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I have a felling you could hand paint a bag and make it look even better than that one, sew on a chain and you have a hand made knock off of your own. Happy birthday, you and my bestest friend have the same birthday so i will be thinking of you tonight at her party, good luck and have fun!