Friday, May 09, 2008

and he ran...

...he ran so far away.
right before we left on our trip last week, aaron decided, on a whim, to run the spring fever 5k. he's been an avid runner, usually running a few miles at the most. so the saturday before we left, we got up early...him to run, me to offer moral support. i was about the only person there who wasn't participating in one shape or form. he did well, considering he'd only run it twice the week before. he placed 12th out of 133 and first in his age group. i was quite surprised at how fast he was. i was debating whether or not to go get the dogs, when he comes striding around the corner. 22:17. not too shabby. the 12 year-old kid that won, ran it in 18:18 and, i should point out, was puking his guts out when he finished. not a pretty picture, but i guess it's the price you pay to win.

here he is about to enter "the chute." i still need to learn all the racing jargon. a little inspired to run? not really. but i have found myself trotting a little faster when walking the dogs. next i'll be speed walking. and then perhaps i'll actually start running.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

congrats to your hubby, and TMI bout the barf kid.