Wednesday, May 07, 2008

everyone's a critic

funny story i need to tell before i forget. we got to vancouver last wednesday evening and decided to try out a local restaurant. we really didn't have any place in mind so we decided to walk down to the harbor area to see what we could find. we found a nice restaurant with a heated patio but unfortunately the view was obstructed by an awning. after we placed our orders, aaron decided to walk over to snap a photo of the distant mountains. unfortunately all he had was his camera phone and it didn't do the view any justice. after he returned, i decided to see if my phone could get a better snapshot. so i grabbed my phone and headed over.

as i was walking over, a man approached me. "do you speak english?" he looked pretty normal so i told him "yes."

"you have a fabulous haircut."

"thanks." i replied.

then he starts telling me this huge sob story about living in door ways and being stuck in vancouver for a week without any cash. i was a little taken aback. i told him i didn't have any cash, which i didn't, and proceeded to turn my pockets inside out to illustrate the fact.

"you can give me the change from parking."

"huh? i'm not parked, i'm just going to take a picture."

"oh, thanks anyways."

i just thought it was funny he commented on my haircut. i probably would have given him change if i had it, feed me compliments and i'll feed you cash!

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