Thursday, May 15, 2008

misfit child

i did a little more t-shirt surgery this week. this time an xl misfits tee and an xl southern illinois tee. one converted to child size and one to semi-adult sized. i only took a before shot of the misfits tee. as you can see it was extremely large. the southern tee was quite similar but with short sleeves.



the sharpies in there for scale. i used a pattern i purchased at walmart for the hoodie with a few modifications. it called for pockets on the front but i opted out and made it more simple. i've got one more skull left from the original sleeve that i'll put on the front as a patch. i was quite proud of the zipper installation, i think i'm getting the hang of the zipper foot. but i screwed up and ironed over it causing a little meltage on the shirt. not sure if there's a remedy for that or not. other than that, i'm quite satisfied with the end result.

this one i finally used one of the tuts from the generation t book i got last year. quick and simple and no sewing involved. just a lot of cutting and stabbing holes. i didn't realize how simple it was gonna be, otherwise i would have been doing this a long time ago. i found the southern tee here in boone at the local goodwill. thought it was a sign that it had to be bought. and what's really funny after starting the misfits hoodie i headed up to the thrift store for more shirts. low and behold, i now have a misfits tee to replace the one i just chopped up. this one is short sleeve but i'll find something to do with it.

off to find something green.

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

You are amazing and I want to buy one, seriously sign me up, I will buy one as soon as you figure out how much and when!