Monday, July 21, 2008

bag lady

latest additions to the shop. although this one is already sold! i've got to freshen everything up. my goal is to have five of everything and i'm already behind. i guess that's a good thing.

while my mom was here, she asked if i could make her a tote. i let her pick out the fabric and she gave me the specs on what she wanted: pockets on the sides, slit pocket on the front and sturdy enough to stand on it's own. i started while she was here, but decided it'd be better to finish after she had left. (i don't work well with someone standing over me). i finished and it's already in the mail. hopefully she's happy with it. a couple of firsts for me: using piping, batting and making a slit pocket. i think i love piping now. watch for it in the next installment of new items. here's some more photos of the bag.

we just got back from seeing the new batman flick. more about it tomorrow, the dogs are starving for attention and i'm starving for some mint chocolate chip ice cream. yum!


Super Blogger Girl! said...

I love the tote! We saw Batman too, it was awesome, except it was too long and I couldn't feel my butt by the end of the movie

PutzFrau said...

I LOVE that little coin purse!

acaraway said...

Adorable tote -- love the fabric!