Thursday, July 24, 2008

how to get along...

...with difficult people.

for the last month aaron's had a rash of difficult patients. pushy, overly emotional, unsatisfied. you name it, he's probably encountered it. he really hasn't had any problems til now. which is somewhat surprising since he's been there almost a year. he's not used to dealing with such fussy people, so he's been a little stressed.

on our drive home from charlotte tuesday we were discussing a bulk of them. why they act the way they do, how they're effecting his attitude/demeanor, what's the best way to handle them, etc. at the end our conversation he commented, "they should offer a course or something on dealing with difficult people."

today, on my thrift store hunt i found his answer. "how to get along with difficult people" of course the edition i found was from 1984 but it pretty much carries the same information. people are categorized into different personality traits: bob bossy, gilda guilt, sally spiritual and so on. i don't know if it will offer any sound advice, but i thought it was a funny find and so appropriate given his current situation.

the book right beside it, "health professional/patient interaction." yeah, he can add this one to his library as well.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

I remember Jaime taking this class for when he worked at Aveda, so they DO offer a class!!!

You Stuffy Susan

Im Jealous Jennifer

acaraway said...

Merge unrealistic expectations of medical professionals with a little dash of ignorance and blammo... cranky patients and family members too. Nice book find!