Tuesday, July 08, 2008


can you guess where we went today? with family visiting we decided it was the perfect opportunity to get a little fun in between the rain showers. it's rained the past few days and it's forcasted to rain the rest of the week. we've been cooped up playing video games, watching movies and doing a little crafting. (i'll be posting what we're making tomorrow). hopefully by the time brian and irina arrive friday afternoon we'll see some sunshine.

here's luana a little too happy to zip. she was a bit nervous at first, but she ended up being a natural. unfortunately we couldn't convince my mom to give it a go. i'm sure she would have had a ball too!

the terrain was quite different from our jamaican canopy tour a few years ago. instead of trees we pretty much zipped from hill to hill, dodging the occasional cow. and yes the mountains were "smokin" today. we were pretty much the only locals who took advantage of the ride. not that it wasn't busy, but everyone we met including the 10 others in our party were from florida up for the summer. i'll let the pictures do the talking. zipline flickr.

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Angela V. said...

wow that looks fun...great pics!