Thursday, January 29, 2009

shake your pom-pom

since we got the king size bed, it been looking a little barren with just a few pillows. so i decided making a few more throws was necessary. luckily, a couple of weeks ago i got the in stitches book by amy butler via ebay. and on monday the pom-pom pillow was born. unfortunately, the green is off in color. it's a little too neon to go along with the other bed linens. it'll probably go on a chair that'll eventually grace our bedroom. but i'm happy i made it. hopefully the dogs won't tear this one apart.


Angela V. said...

how cute! i really wish I had some of your sewing knowledge, there are just so many possibilities.

janett said...

That is so freaking cute!!! And no, no tripod. I feel lost if I don't have the weight of the camera in my hand. I only use it for long exposures, which is basically never. Ha.

Super Blogger Girl! said...

reminds me of those candy dots on the paper!