Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

(moved this over from facebook where i did all the tagging, play along if you'd like)

1. i was born in taegu, korea and moved to (in order) fort bragg, nc; camp zama, japan; fort hood, tx; seoul, korea; pusan, korea; fort bragg, nc; berlin, germany; augsburg, germany; carbondale, il; springfield, il and boone, nc.

2. i went to four different high schools

3. most of my childhood memories are associated with trauma, not necessarily my own. the biggest, being electrocuted when i four. hair barrettes and electrical sockets don't mix. i got to fly in a helicopter though.

4. i have a swatch watch collection.

5. in the summer i don't wear socks and in the winter 90% of the socks i wear are knee highs.

6. i was a carnie. i sold tacos and wine coolers at fests in germany and italy.

7. tooth stories: when i was in 6th grade i had surgery to correct an upside-down tooth. it didn't live much longer afterwards. i chipped my front tooth the summer before my senior year. i got braces when i was 30.

8. i fell between a train and platform that put a dent in my shin, which i still have 15 years later and will have the rest of my life. luckily the backpack i was wearing kept me from falling down to the track.

9. i haven't taken out my tragus piercings since i got them 16 years ago.

10. i have a 6ft asian brother.

11. i was in a car that was hit by a streetcar on senior skip day. thanks aly!

12. the first time i kissed aaron i as standing on milk crate on his front porch. which were abundant (milk crates) at the time thanks to ben alexander.

13. i walked 2 miles to get my first tattoo at lady hawke ink in 1994. a flower band on my right arm. i've gotten 9 more since then.

14. i bungee jumped at a volksfest with a friend, kirsten, when i was 18.

15. i went to mardi gras with all my college roommates in a rented conversion van that we slept in down by the river...nah, it was a parking garage.

16. i dislike fruit flavored sodas and despise root beer.

17. my coworker and i applied for the amazing race season 6. our video was lame.

18. i'm crafty.

19. all my jewelry is silver in color

20. i'm a raging insomniac which is no longer a good thing.

21. i'll be starting my next round of IVF in march. hopefully, after a failed cycle in december, this one will stick.

22. i'm gonna be a first time aunt in august. yay!

23. i'm not a big fan of cats.

24. my late grandfather and i shared the same big toe trait

25. my first "official" concert/show i went to was red hot chili peppers with fishbone in 1992 in berlin, germany

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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Your random facts are WAY more interesting than mine!