Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what wear you?

they've been sitting out on the back porch for a month now. stepped in a nice pile of poo and haven't had the desire to clean them off. so there they sit. maybe when the weather gets warmer they'll get a little love. hmmm, i'm doing laundry now. maybe i'll just toss them in.

remember the "butt hugging" jeans i bought a few years back? now they're referred to as my "bon jovi" jeans. the knees are blown out, the denim has become paper thin and a slight tug tends to cause a major rip. indeed, they are in a fragile state yet i continue to wear them. as long as the holes are in modest areas they are still functional. at least in my opinion. do you have an article of clothing you're unwilling to part with?


Super Blogger Girl! said...

I still have all my size 3-8 jeans even though im a size 12 and have been for quite some time, I keep hope alive that one day I will be skinny again.

there are a few t shirts too that I will keep forever.

oh yeah and my denim jump suit.

acaraway said...

baby pink suede tennis shoes -- vans style. i love them, just never have anything to wear with them. i always think , Man I really need to buy a shirt or sweater to match.