Friday, June 15, 2007

boston love

here's some of my recent work. my latest obsession is working with felt. all hand sewn. it's semi-fast and i get to use the kazillion beads i bought years ago to make bracelets. these are day of the dead pins and a nautical star i made for my swap. i'm quite happy with the end results. oh yeah!

bosco represent. this is the beginning of a little pouch/purse i'm gonna make. it was a great way to kill the 12 hour drive to boone earlier this month. i noticed there weren't too many boston crafts on the net so this might be my niche. right now i'm trying to stock pile my crafts so i can create an online shop to eventually sell my handiwork. i'm a little overwhelmed trying to learn new things and i want to dabble in everything. it's fun and i really enjoy making things from scratch. it's so fulfilling to know you had a few pieces of fabric and created a one-of-a-kind item.

tomorrow is graduation for the chiefs with a mega party at floyds afterwards. i'm looking forward to it. it'll probably be the last hoorah for all of us together. such a sad thought. i'm gonna miss everyone tremendously. boo. i'm sure i'll have pictures galore to share. be prepared for tongues, devil horns and sexy side poses. satch is notorious for those.

here's lily modeling an outfit i made last year using one of the outfits aaron's mom made for the boys. i added the hat.

in case you were wondering what our children will look like...lily should give you an accurate indication. she's the product of a half korean man and pale white woman. our doppelgangers! she's simply adorable!!

things that bother me... that show a little of the ocd i harbor. i posted this earlier today and it really bothers me that the photos are not aligned on the left. so i must insert filler copy to bulk up the post so my small photos are aligned. of course it won't matter much, cause it's all dependent on screen settings where the photos fall. at least it'll curb my anxiety.

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