Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what jesus loves

sunday i wore my "jesus loves me and my tattoos" tee for the first time. yes, a couple of years i broke down and purchased one. i found it quite funny but it's an obnoxious pink and i'm not one to wear shirts with writing sprawled across my chest. i saw this picture today and found it quite ironic. apparently the first baptist church disagrees with me. blasphemy.

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Russell Radigan said...

hahaha BAPTISTS........I was born and raised christian now i try to think there is not that much of a difference from most of the religious groups...GOD loves you for who you are and when a church has the pitty to have that they shall be forgiven but if you strongly think there right you r PATHETIC im 17 years old from and thats bad that a 17 year old is tellin you whats up :( i have many tats about GOD check them out on my name is russell radigan so if u have any thought about what im writing feel free to add me