Friday, June 22, 2007


here's a little exert of an article i received from amy tonight about our upcoming float weekend.

"Beer bongs of all types are prohibited," Poe said. "It used to be a funnel and tube, now they're coming with bongs made out of PVC pipe with three or four funnels rigged to a central distribution system. Beer kegs of any size are prohibited, and no Jell-O shots.

"If a ranger catches somebody with a big string of Mardi Gras beads, they'll tell them they will be busted if they solicit. If a woman bares her breasts, we're going to cite her for disorderly conduct."

Alcohol will be permitted, but a recommendation will be made that floaters drink no more than six cans of beer or an equivalent amount of hard liquor. "Alcohol is not banned in the park," Poe said. "I am going to try some other measures first."

i guess i better get rid of the beads and the bongs!

oh...and i inspired someone today. "highly influenced and inspired by nosusanfx's wrap skirt" my sewing skills are paying off!

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