Sunday, June 10, 2007

update your files

right before we left for our week in the nc mountains, i was able to finish the birth announcements for baby ethan. i think i might just have to pat myself on the back cause i love the way they turned out. they were a lot of work, but in the end well worth it. i made moving announcements for the baima clan as well.

all in all, i was happy with the outcome.

yes, we finally closed on our house in boone on monday. we are the proud new owners of 115 martys road. it was a hassle getting all our ducks in a row, but in the end everything worked out and we both are quite happy with our purchase. we stayed there all week, living on air mattresses and the bare minimum, no tv, internet, video games. danny accompanied us on our trip and we had a fun-filled week...hiking, biking and fishing. the weather was perfect and i really don't have any anxiety about moving there. i actually can't wait to get my hands on the house and yard. so many ideas and plans. it's almost overwhelming, but it'll be fun.

i've got a mountain of projects to work on. and an impending move to plan for. kristin wants me to put knock-out material on the back of a shade she bought for baby max's nursery. it's proving to be more difficult than i anticipated. i guess if it functions that's all that really matters. it's not my best work by any means. and yes, we did get to see baby max twice in the last week. once on our way to nc and once on our way back. 10 days old and oh what a handsome little devil!! almost want to have one of my own. in due time my friends.

i was jonesing for my sewing machine while we were away. i get to do a rockabilly/pin-up girl swap this month. it's where i create 4 projects and my partner creates 4 projects and then we swap what we made. i'm looking forward to it cause it pushes me to practice my sewing skills. brian also called me and told me one of the ladies at his church wants me to make her the same handbag i made irina and i had another girl emailed me about swapping for a messenger bag. maybe i can start making an income sewing things i like. oh the possibilities. now to get back to work.


The Baimas said...

That is one good lookin' kid in that birth announcement!

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