Thursday, May 31, 2007

what's your poison?

i've literally been on the phone for 2 days straight. apparently there's been a failure to communicate as far as closing on the house goes and now we're scrambling to get things in order by tomorrow. ugh! banks, lawyers, real estate agents, utilities, insurance companies, builders. buying a house from afar sucks. seriously, why do we have to be the middleman on everything.

example: the real estate agent calls me, "i just talked to the insurance company and the bank only sent half of the appraisal and they need the other half to finish off the paperwork." okay. why didn't the insurance company just call the bank to tell them they only got half? and why did the bank only send half? and why didn't the insurance company call me to let me know the situation immediately so if they're not going to call, i can?

and why are we waiting this long to get insurance? state farm tells us tuesday they can't/won't insure the house. we filed a claim with our current company to get a new roof in 2005 (wind damage) so now they won't insure us. no ifs, ands or buts. we even told them we'd take our car insurance elsewhere...still no love. now we're scrambling to get insurance in time for closing. and i'm forced to keep on top of things so we don't have another failure to communicate. apparently state farm won't insure anyone that's made a claim. becky told me yesterday that they won't cover anyone in new orleans after hurricane katrina. they even denied oprah!!

now to get back to phone calls. i'll have a virtual tour of our new home up shortly.

oh, i almost forgot the reason for my headline. i think i may have gotten a small case of food poisoning two nights ago.

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