Monday, May 14, 2007

garage sale freak

friday and saturday we bucked up and participated in our neigborhood garage sale. got rid of a lot of unecessary things we didn't want to haul to boone. all told we made about $400 between four fams. the stealeys made out like bandits almost taking in half. anyways, when you're manning one of these sales you get to see some wiry characters. people who just laugh uncontrollably at nothing, people who want to divulge their life stories in 2 minutes, and the classic cubs jerk.

this guy comes up wearing a wrigley field shirt and immediately says to aaron, "i hate your hat." then proceeds to browse through some cds. we all look at each other. wtf?? aaron being the nice guy he is says, "i'm not a cubs fan but i like wrigley field." to which jerk replies, "i fucking hate cardinal fans." and walks away. sorry the cubs haven't won since 1908 but is it really something to get your panties in a wad about!

i really wished i had been wearing my new tee. this is my latest project. i wanted an old school looking cardinals tee. i'm still reconstructing the front, but this is what i have on the back. i'm probably gonna make one for aaron too with a thrift store find. it's all stretched out so i'm going to have to do some sewing on it to make it a little more form fitting.

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