Thursday, May 24, 2007

old and tattooed

just got home from visiting the fam in md/dc. did a lot of sightseeing tuesday. walked about 8 miles in a pair of target flip-flops. while touring the sites, i was avoiding the sun and standing under a shade tree. simple enough. an old man with a camera decides to do the same and literally stands 5 inches in front of me, facing me. there's not a single soul under this mass expanse of tree and he decides to stand right there. of course i'm thinking he wants me to take a picture. so i ask, "would you like me to take a photo?" he starts scrolling through his photos saying nothing. not moving. i'm thinking he's checking to see if the last lady did a good job taking the photo. so i just stand there. waiting. he finally looks up and says, "why'd you go and do that?" pointing to my tattoos which were half covered. "uhh...cause i like them." was all i could muster. he then proceeds to give me the "tsk, tsk" look and walks away. seriously. what the hell just happened?! and to top things off. when we get around the monument he's standing there and tells me "have a nice day." and walks off. of course, i heard "happy birthday." and thought the old man was crazy and gave my dad the wtf face. apparently really old people don't think women should have tattoos and they're not afraid to tell you to your face.

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