Thursday, May 10, 2007

hardcore addict

my addiction to coffee hasn't dwindled in the slightest. i guess i really shouldn't call it coffee cause that's what you pay 50 cents for at the local gas station. i'll call it "the heaven blended coffee drink." today i christened the new starbucks located in our local target. yeah, the one across the street from the freestanding starbucks. which is located down the block from barnes and noble which also sells starbucks coffee. of course none of these places are conveniently located on the southend of town where i dwell.

i thought by overindulging in this HBCD i'd soon tire of it, not the case. when i make plans, i decide what route i need to take in order to patronize one. when i get lunch out i'll spend a $1 on a burger and $4 on the drink. when i babysit i'm paid in HBCDs or gift cards. i've even considered working there so i can get my daily fix. basically starbucks runs my life.

i even find myself justifying why spending $4 on a drink is okay. i don't smoke or do drugs, no money spent there. i rarely drink, especially out. i don't like much chocolate. and if i wanted to make my own drinks, i'd have to buy a coffee maker, buy coffee, chocolate and whatever other ingredients so more money spent there.

but alas...boone does not have a starbucks. it doesn't have one "coming soon" either. (i checked their website.) the closest one would be 40 miles away in johnson city. yes i am fretting about this. looking for recipes online. pondering if i should stockpile them in a freezer we doen't have at home. already wondering if i need to mapquest the johnson city locations to have in my car.

springfield has 3 freestanding starbucks ($4.15=grande, no whip mocha), 1 located in target ($4.04), 1 located in the hilton downtown ($4.08) and 1 located in barnes and noble ($4.15). yes, i am an addict.

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