Saturday, May 05, 2007

i'm mommy's little monster

aaron's been in florida the past few days at a mohs meeting and i've been home nursing some painful tooth aches. i don't know how teenagers deal with braces. they absolutely suck. i think my main problem is i got both wires changed this time around and it's only been one or the other the past few appointments. i finally ate solid food with the help of some tylenol w/codeine. popping them like candy.

with my new sewing obsession i've been scouring websites looking for inspiration. i am having a difficult time staying motivated. main reason: i'm a bit of a perfectionist. and since i'm so new at this i'm getting frustrated more often than not. i know i have to keep practicing, find inspiration, just work harder. hopefully i'll have some wearable pieces. my dress is coming along. i'll proably get it done by the end of the weekend. here's some fashion and sewing websites i've been visiting on a daily basis: stylebytes, craftster, craftgrrl, sew_hip, diy girls, and this is a great site to buy and sell hand-made objects etsy. i'll probably head back there after this.

tomorrow i'm heading to stl to see social d!! it's carrie's birthday as well so it's gonna be double fun! can't wait. should have tons of pics after this weekend. yeah!

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