Tuesday, May 08, 2007

tell me about your boston

so i posted to a "group" for the first time tonight. gay is me.

what has your boston ate?

my reply:
we've got two bostons, bosco (7) and marley (2). bosco shreds any stuffed toy we give him, especially when there's a sqeaker inside. marley, on the other hand, could care less about dog toys, she goes after the big stuff. she's pulled my backpacks and purses off counters countless times. once she devoured a bag of gummi bears. another time she consumed a bottle of advil (which required an emergency trip to the vet and a very expensive bill). they both tag-teamed and got an entire pizza minus a slice off the kitchen counter. got the pantry door open and punctured and dragged a full bottle of crangrape juice through the kitchen and into the carpeted living room. red lipstick. chapstick. any plant part...dirt, leaves, branches. shoes, especially flip-flops. a whole box of dog biscuits. rope toys. underwear. hardcover books. cds. we've learned to puppy-proof the house on a daily basis, invested in locks for the pantry and we move everything a foot away from the edge of the counters. they still seem to find something.

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gotshoo.com said...

Your dogs aren't the only ones. My dogs Buddy and Clancy have done some terrific numbers tearing up stuff. We gave up on buying them toys. They pretty much play with rope and balls.