Friday, May 18, 2007

sometimes i make mistakes

yeah, the starbucks downtown had grande fraps for $3.88. that, by far, is the cheapest in the city of springfield. i wonder if being located in a hotel holds some significance in the price. i'll have to ask next time.

gotta pack and get ready for my trip out east. tomorrow i'm gonna do a little wine in the woods with brian and irina and hopefully some old classmates. sorta like the herman wine festivals in missouri but this one looks like it's got more associated with it. you can't really compete with people on stilts. sunday is jessica and david's baby shower, which my whole family will be attending. rest of the time will be spent hanging out with family. for awhile there we were seeing everyone once a month. now it's been 4. we need to get married more often, so people will come visit! ;)

i've made a few handbags and a few coin purses. if i have time today i'll make a headband. my dress is almost done. only thing left to do is insert the zipper. i've been avoiding it like the plague. i'll attempt it when i get a few more projects under my belt. i'd post pictures but my computer is on the fritz. i took it in wednesday, couldn't get the darn thing to boot. of course it's 2 months past the warranty date, so it'll probably cost me a pretty penny to get fixed. hopefully the hard drive isn't fried. that's my only fear... losing everything i had on there. yeah. good thing i backed everything up...yeah right. luckily adrian let me borrow his laptop while it's in the shop. so i'm still connected to life and all things important like craftster and myspace! j/k.

i should have photos to post when i get back. gotta get this party started.

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