Thursday, July 19, 2007

handy sue

we finally see floor, at least upstairs. the basement, that's another story. everything that once was up is now down. i may try and freecycle the boxes. seems like a waste to dispose of so many useable ones, specially since we paid for them. hopefully someone in the area is moving soon and we'll clear out the house and be ecofriendly at the same time.

in a better attempt to keep organized we raided lowes and walmart looking for anything and everything that will keep things nice and tidy. might as well start off clean, how long it lasts that's another story. i installed an in-the-cabinet trashcan and a pot/pan lid organizer. aaron attempted to fix the lawn mower, had the manual out and everything. apparently the movers had disconnected the hand brake and he couldn't figure out how to reconnect it. lucky he has me, i took a look and bada-bing it's working. one thing aaron lacks is patience that and handyman skills. good thing he has me! he did put together some shelves in the garage and a tool organizer. so props to awes.

jerome came over today and switched out our dryer outlet. i guess newer dryers have 4 prongs and ours only has 3. i'm glad he's around to help with the little things, well I guess that's kinda big since neither of us would have known what to do. he was in and out in 5 minutes.

another run to walmart to get a dresser to replace the one we gave baby baima and to lowes to replace the battery to our cordless drill. we've pretty much got a beeline to both places. i'm sure we'll be visiting often in the upcoming weeks. if you can't find us here, we're probably there.

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