Monday, July 09, 2007

the great credit card prank

we had to run out and buy microsoft office for mac today. after my hard drive crashed last month i lost all the software i "borrowed" from work which included microsoft word. i had decided it wasn't really necessary to reinstall but apparently aaron thinks it's a must have so we went to 4 different stores to find it. finally found it at micropower, where we should have started. when paying for the program the clerk asked to see aaron's i.d. his signature on the back of his debit card says "see i.d." the clerk asked how many people actually ask to see his i.d. and aaron told him about 25 percent of the time. the guy said he was only asking cause he has the same thing written on the back of his card and he rarely gets asked for an i.d.

what's funny about the conversation? i was just telling aaron on the way over there about this site i came across yesterday about the same thing. i actually found the site because it had a tutorial on how to put skins (graphics) on your credit card. it had a link that went into detail about an experiment the user did on whether or not clerks actually compared signatures on the backs of credit cards. i found it funny and quite disturbing at the same time. no wonder identity theft is so prevalent in this country. check it out the great credit card prank and then some

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