Wednesday, July 11, 2007

he's baaaaack!

when i was walking by the t.v. today i caught a little snipet of the upcoming season of dr.90210. to my surprise, i saw an all too familiar face pop up on the screen. yes, dr. kirby is back. i did a quick google search and found his official website. oh wait, he has two. his professional and his fan site. i laughed out loud when i read the about section, actually i was amused by the whole site. first of all, i can't believe he has his own line of cosmeceuticals, oh wait, yes i can... gotta jump on that bandwagon. he just finished his d.o. residency and now he knows everything there is to know about skin. i'm sure he was coming up with his line in between appearances on the young and the restless and battle of the network reality stars. second, i like how it doesn't mention anything about being a board certified dermatologist, oh wait he's not. third, why the hell do you have to register to view his so-called fan site? he's not that big a celebrity. even in his own field, most dermatologists have no clue who he is. i must say this, he's kept his name out there, learned how to brand himself, and i'm sure will make a killing when the show airs. hello people. he's not offering you anything you can't get over-the-counter. yeah, i'm a little biased. just a tad.

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