Thursday, June 26, 2008

hanging with my gnomies

i'm about to add these little buggers to my shop. i had made these bottlecap pincushions a few months ago and decided they needed a little pizazz in order to list them in my shop. what better way then adding a few polymer stick pins. being they were mushroom in nature, i thought a gnome would compliment them perfectly. they turned out to be an adorable combo.

i also did a coffee mug pincushion with matching flower stick pins. it also turned out great. i'm having a hard time parting with them, but i'm sure they'll find a good home. hopefully, when i'm in maryland this weekend, i'll be able to find more retro-looking cups, i haven't had much luck around here. i had fun making these and am looking forward to my next batch.

on that note. i've updated today instead of tomorrow. i'm heading to maryland for few days tomorrow. flying solo again. my main agenda is to give my mom a little company while my dad is in iraq/qatar. tomorrow night we'll be hitting up insubordination fest where the copyrights will be playing. (no, my mom is not going to rock out with us! just brian and luanna) saturday we'll be partying with cole as he turns one. sunday getting a little shopping in, checking out the local thrift stores and ikea. pretty jam packed weekend. i'll be bringing my mom back with me so she can get a little mountain air this summer. i guess i better get packing.

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