Sunday, June 22, 2008

mary's gone wild

when we were at holden beach a couple of weeks ago, we passed by this crazy house on our way to get haircuts. we all did a double-take and decided we'd have to stop by on our way back. it definitely wasn't a disappointment. we walked in and there wasn't a surface that hadn't been painted with some sort of image or color. it looked like the "trash heap" from fraggle rock had exploded and mary had decided to paint what she could. she had mentioned something about being on t.v. and after doing a little research i found someone had actually made a documentary about her.

most of the artwork were old windows that had been painted and the average price for one was about $100. of course i kept thinking, "i can do that." and in fact i had. a couple of years ago i had painted a window for aaron's dad. he had gotten a winter scened window at a craft fair and wanted a spring scene to swap out when appropriate. it turned out really nice and i'll have to get a picture of it next time we're back there.

anyways, i didn't buy any artwork but i did buy an old scrabble game for $2. (she also has her house jam-packed with antiques/junk.) it's funny cause i couldn't remember her name, but "crazy mary" kept popping up in the back of my mind when i thought about her. if you're ever in the area check out mary and her "wild" house!

Recycling the unwanted goods of others with a fun-lovin' sense of humor, bright colored paints, and great faith, Mary has built a magical garden for all to enjoy, and to help feed the hungry children of the world.

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