Friday, June 06, 2008

that's just tacky

today's project: fabric covered thumbtacks. i've been trying to figure out what i was going to do with this huge bunch of button covers that i ordered a few months ago. i had planned on using them for ponytails, but they were a lot smaller than i thought. i need to keep a ruler handy when ordering things online. well yesterday i found a way to finish the backs so you don't see the ugly glued tack. just add a little felt. i just added three sets to my shop. i'll probably add more soon but i want to find some more vintage looking fabric. these were made from the scraps of my thrift store finds. nothing goes unused in this house!

while i was listing, i looked up at the number of items in my shop. after adding the tacks there should have been 33. HOT DIGGITY! i just sold something!! awesome!!!!

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