Saturday, December 06, 2008

the calm

today has been a quiet day at home. probably the last one i'll have for the rest of the year. aaron's with patrick at the football game. although it's been an hour since it ended and i haven't heard from him. i saw that app. state lost so he may be wallowing at a local bar.

i've been commuting to hickory to get monitored while i'm on my stims. tonight will be day 8. i'm somewhat feeling my ovaries growing, but not as much as i had expected. some of the girls in my support group talk about how they are doubled over in pain because their ovaries are humongous. i just feel a twinge here and there and that's pretty much it. i guess i won't complain about not being in pain, i guess my doctor knows what he's doing and is preventing me from overstimulating. anyways, i head down to hickory every other day, get a needle prick and an ultrasound to check my progress. when i went in on wednesday they counted 12 follicles/eggs. a fairly decent number, so i'm told. i think they like to see between 10 and 20 at about 20mm in size by the end of stimulation. tomorrow we head down to charlotte to see my RE and hopefully he'll be able to tell us when everything is going to happen. since everything is "progressing nicely" i'm assuming the egg retrieval will be on tuesday or wednesday. and the transfer will be 5-6 days afterwards. i'll be on bed rest for 2 days after the transfer, i guess to help with implantation. then we have to wait two weeks when we go back in for a blood test to determine if i am with child/children.

i'll let you know tomorrow the "when" of everything. it's just weird to think we're less than a week away now. crazy!


Thinspiration said...

I have had some discomfort, like bloating and some twinges, but no doubling-over pain. I bend over like an old lady, get out of the car slow and I am now officially wearing my fat jeans :) The bloating is the worse! I hope we ER the same day, but maybe not since I might have extra days of stims. Good luck today!

acaraway said...

We are so excited for you! Not so excited for you to be in pain, but definitely excited for you to be pregos! Praying for you and Aaron, too!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I am hoping for a full litter Susan so lets hope you end up with at least six in there! Just kidding, I am glad your not in too much pain and I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, I have a really great feeling about everything though so I think you won't need my luck!