Wednesday, December 31, 2008

east meets west

"Used as a complementary form of therapy for women undergoing other fertility treatments, acupuncture has been proven to be especially beneficial. Some believe that acupuncture works by helping women stay more relaxed through stressful fertility treatments. In particular, studies have shown that acupuncture definitely increases the rate of pregnancy in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF)."

yesterday i scheduled my first acupuncture appointment. we had decided if the first cycle didn't work we'd try a little alternative medicine in conjunction with our IVF treatment. does it actually work? who knows. but it definitely won't hurt to try.

my follow-up appointment with my RE (reproductive endocrinologist) is scheduled for january 13th to discuss this last cycle and what our next course of action will be. as of right now, we're taking at least one month off to let my body recuperate from the last treatment. if all goes according to plan we'll start again in february with a retrieval and transfer in mid-march. although i just looked at our calendar and our trip to san francisco might interfere with that date. we'll have to see if my RE changes my protocol. i guess i really can't say the when til we talk to him.

i'm feeling better but i think i'll pass on going down to asheville tonight. thought i could talk about it, but when i texted the answer to the "baby?" question yesterday i got a knot in my stomach and my eyes started to instantly swell. it's not that i don't want to talk about it, it's that i can't. at least not now. i just want to thank everyone for all their thoughts and prayers, we appreciate all your love and support.


Thinspiration said...

I guess we really are twins...I am so sorry about your cycle. I know how you feel. It's awful!!! I am taking a month off too. We will change protocols, I will continue with the acupuncture and start in February. In the meantime we are going to try to take a trip to Cali as a mini-vaca to get some R&R. I told all my friends to not ask me if I was prego, they would know and if they didn't hear from me, then they should assume I am not. The worst is going to be going back to work next week when my co-workers ask me to my face. Ugh. Well, take it easy, get crafty and Happy New Year!!!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

I still am very sorry and you should not feel like you have to talk about it at all, just hang in there and hope for the best and know that everything will work out for you two no matter what the outcome is. my family and I are thinking about you guys and you can call on us whenever you need a shoulder.

Anonymous said...


We love you so much! Keep your hopes and your head up. We are certainly praying for you guys.


Janett said...

I'm so sorry... :( I know that doesn't really help but I just want you to know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.