Tuesday, December 23, 2008

marley and the chocolate factory

today i got home from christmas shopping with mark and danny and found rice all over my living room floor. marley had gotten down mark's hand warmer sock and ripped a hole in it proceeded to drag it about. there were also a couple of chewed up white boxes lying amongst the debris. i had no idea what was in them, i remember seeing them sitting on one of the steps leading upstairs but didn't think anything about it when we left. apparently they held two huge chocolate bars. i really don't know why mark left them where he did, while we were shopping he had told me they were for grandma and ellie, so there was really no reason for them to be even out of the car. anyways, one of the bars was completely gone. absolutely no evidence it ever existed cept for the box. luckily the other one was still intact. i was kinda hoping both dogs had munched on the chocolate just so one wouldn't have had too much. but now it's pretty apparent marley devoured it all. she's puked about 6 times already. (nope, make that 7 times) we were gonna take her to the vet but we read they would pretty much induce her to vomit and hydrate her which she's doing on her own. poor girl. i think she's pretty close to getting it all out of her system. let me tell you something, it's the sweetest smelling puke ever!


Super Blogger Girl! said...

Dog + Chocolate bars = mole sauce

acaraway said...

that's gross! hope marley feels better soon! so are you going to see the new movie "marley and me"?

PutzFrau said...

My dog Yoshi devoured a whole bag of Dove chocolate one day. It turned out to be the most expensive bag of chocolate I ever bought.