Friday, June 19, 2009

baby got back

yesterday i decided to give the free clinic a shot. since i'm officially starting my second trimester, i thought it'd be nice to see how the little one is progressing. i called in the a.m. and they were able to squeeze me in an hour later. this was my first abdominal ultrasound. at first the tech pointed out the heartbeat. "see the little heart beating?" uhhh, no. "right there." pointing to a little speck on the screen. okay. suddenly there's a clear view of the face. almost alien-like, with the big eyes. it's mouth opening and closing. is it eating i asked? "no, it's breathing." it was cool and creepy to see. i wish i could have gotten a video of it.

the tech continued to take measurements. baby westphal is measuring right where he/she should be. unfortunately by the time the tech got around to taking pics for me, the baby decided to flip completely over. she tried to jiggle the baby to turn over for us, but that proved to be futile. so here is a nice pic of the baby's back side. you can see the spine (the brighter line in the pic), it's little head, and even an ear.

i'll go back on the 17th of july to the free clinic to have another ultrasound, hopefully i'll be able see what we're having. if not, i have my official ultrasound with my ob on the 28th of july.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

awww, aren't they gross? Diego's pictures always looked like alien pictures, don't worry he turned out fine!

Anonymous said...

I probably don't know what I'm talking about since so many things have changed in the last 40 years. However, please talk to one of these doctors about the safety in sonograms. When I was pregnant, they wouldn't even do one unless there was a question as to the baby's health. I realize that's changed, but can you get too many? Wouldn't hurt to ask. And, how long before we know if Krispie is male or female? Take care of yourself. It's not good for you to get too upset, so forget whoever's legs you want to break in Pennsylvania.