Thursday, June 18, 2009

pickles and ice cream

well not really the ice cream but pretty close. i was watching unwrapped the other day when they did a little segment on bob's pickle pops. i immediately thought how appropriate considering my current situation. so far i've only consumed one jar of pickles, but i can hardly blame the pregnancy for that. i've pretty much loved pickles my whole life. i am debating if i should purchase a packet. maybe if i get a hardcore craving i'll take the plunge.


Angela V. said...

your title made me giggle. i was playing the sims 3 the other day and my pregnant sim wanted pickles and ice cream...i'm a little hooked on that game right now.

I blog while on vacation because i forget details quickly, nearly the minute it's over and i hate trying to write all about a vacation in one sitting. so, my "dedication" is really just laziness/memory problems. ;)

Super Blogger Girl! said...

lol, I love the theme, maybe you should do it for your shower too and you can make my cupcakes!